Friday, October 22, 2010

My favorites from Lush Christmasssss...!

Hey everyone! This is obviously my first post on my new blog, so I thought I'd start with a brand I adore. LUSH! I recently posted a Lush haul to my YouTube Channel and these items were among the stuff I hauled. I just happen to think that these might be my favorites though. First we have the Candy Cane Bubble Bar....

This stuff is like pink and white crack! You crumble it in your bathtub for some awesome bubbles. If you like sweet smells, you will ADORE this. It smells like cotton candy, no joke. Sugary as sugar can get. The perfect gift for a super girly and feminine gal also. 

The next thing is a new product from Lush. This is their Snow Fairy lip tint. I like to think of it as a tinted lip balm because it is pretty moisturizing. If you're scared of the HELLO bright pink color, don't be. It's very sheer, thus the word "tint". It gives the perfect amount of color to the lips when you just want to dab a little on quickly. And I know most of you are familiar with the Snow Fairy shower gel from where this tint gets it's name. This also has the EXACT same scent and taste! 

The last thing is beyond adorable. I mean, look at it! It's Gingerbread House bubble bar. I don't think they could have made this any cuter. It looks like a little cupcake! I literally want to eat this. Not only does it look like a cupcake, but it smells like one too. Except, to incorporate the gingerbread theme, you can detect the slightest amount of spiciness in it as well. LOVE this! 

These are just a few of the items from the Lush Christmas collection, but they did an amazing job on basically everything they put out. Are you guys planning on hauling anything?

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